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Start making money right now. Generate traffic to premium rate numbers and premium SMS numbers through voip routes from SIM cards, taking advantage of miss-pricing, or promotions, doing voice, SMS, print, TV, etc promotions.

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To find access use these tools as Rates comparer to compare a…z rates sheets of the VOIP companies to prn numbers and find access in automatic mode.
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Who We Are

Team of professionals making for your success.

What We Do

Building long term relations with our partners.


Telephone: +85221270665

Email: wholesale (at) carefulsupport.com


A…z Premium rates numbers with great accessibility.

Web billing

Custom tailored web billing system.


Library of the voice service for our clients.


If you are a television, Radio, Print media, call center or web traffic regulator we can offer:

  • Dedicated premium rate numbers
  • Live or pre recorded entertainement service
  • Promotional material
  • No setup fees
  • Competitive rates

Telecom Partnership

Should you have adequate numbering reserves as well as operate an in-payment option for incoming international voice calls as part of your network, then we would love to join forces with you using your numbers based on a shared profit system. It works as follows: our content providers promote their services on your numbers and as such engender incoming traffic internationally. We then split the profit with you. Contact us.


We open for any partner proposals. Either you are telco or investor or content provider do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss.