Wide range of the custom tailored audio services like call centre chat lines, horoscope, lottery, weather forecasts, adult stories, votes, etc.

There is no price list for the above services. All of them are custom. But you may apply for a quote to Contacts.

Media channels used to push the above services to the specific language (like Hindi, Arab, English, Chinese, etc) markets are the sms, TV, radio, web, voice broadcasting, live call center outbound campaigns, print and other mass medias.

Live call centre chat lines Price list:

Service ID Service Name Language Cost / Min (USD)
1 Friendship Chat Hindi 0.08
2 Mobile Lottery Hindi 0.09
3 Friendship Chat English 0.10
4 Friendship Chat Arabic 0.09
5 Friendship Chat French 0.10
6 Custom service Any please Contact

To order any of the above services please Contacts.